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We’re all sinners. We need Divine Mercy


SVD missionary in one of the Pacific Islands related how surprised he was one day to be visited in his parish by a woman carrying a handful of sand. “Do you know what this is?” she asked. “It looks like sand,” replied the missionary. “What does this all mean?”

“Well, these are my sins,” the woman explained, “they are as countless as the sands of the sea. How can I ever obtain forgivenes­s for all of them?

“Woman,” said the missionary, “take it back and pile up a heaping mound of sand. Then sit back and watch the waves come in and wash the pile slowly, surely, and completely away.

Jesus himself had instructed Sr. Faustina to have the sentence “JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU” written at the bottom of that painting.

This sentence expresses the mercy that brought God’s Son to give his life on the cross for all sinners. This is also the same mercy that led the Risen Christ to go in search of his disciples the very day he rose from death, to reassure them of his forgiving love.

We live in an increasing­ly secularize­d world that ignores God and engenders violence, hatred, wars, drug abuse, sexual epidemics like AIDS, and legalized abortion.

Hence, we need Jesus’ Divine Mercy.

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