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The best is yet to come


“The past does not even remain a silhouette in the memory of our youth and citizenry-at-large today. The past is not even crumbled masonry. If it was, today’s citizenry would pick up the pieces in proud reminiscen­ce as the Romans fondly run their fingers on the proud stone skeleton of the Colosseum. Ruins, not matter how rubbled, remain awesome and majestic if they are relics of a bygone day that continue to glow in a nation’s memory…..” (09 April 1942, Good Friday). “BATAAN HAS FALLEN. WITH HEADS BLOODY BUT UNBOWED, WE YIELD TO THE ENEMY. THE WORLD WILL LONG REMEMBER THE EPIC STRUGGLE. WE HAVE STOOD UP UNCOMPLAIN­ING. BESIEGED ON LAND AND BLOCKADED BY SEA, WE HAVE DONE ALL THAT HUMAN ENDURANCE COULD BEAR. WHAT SUSTAINED US WAS A FORCE MORE THAN MERELY PHYSICAL. IT WAS THE FORCE OF AN UNCONQUERA­BLE FAITH, SOMETHING IN THE SOUL THAT IS IMMORTAL! IT IS THE THOUGHT OF NATIVE LAND. ALL THE WORLD WILL TESTIFY, MEN FIGHTING WITH AN UNSHAKABLE FAITH, ARE MADE OF SOMETHING MORE THAN FLESH. BUT WE ARE NOT MADE OF IMPERVIOUS STEEL. THE FLESH MUST YIELD AT LAST, ENDURANCE MELTS AWAY, AND THE END OF THE BATTLE MUST COME. BATAAN HAS FALLEN, BUT THE SPIRIT THAT MADE IT STAND -A BEACON TO ALL THE WORLD, CANNOT FALL, OUR DEFEAT IS OUR VICTORY.”

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