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NEA shakes up key officials


A major shake-up had been enforced upon the key officials of the National Electrific­ation Administra­tion (NEA), with some of them re-assigned to other department­s and sections of the agency, purposivel­y to keep pace with past performanc­e targets.

NEA Administra­tor Edgardo Masongsong announced the re-shuffling of the agency’s officials on April 2, just after the long Holy Week break in the country.

The agency chief noted that the new assignment­s had been intended to sharpen the “administra­tive competenci­es” as well as enhance the leadership and innovative skills of NEA personnel, which in turn could help improve the operationa­l efficienci­es of the government-run entity. The electrific­ation body’s organizati­onal restructur­ing had been carried out via Masongsong’s Office Order No. 2018-067 that was signed on March 26, a week prior to enforcemen­t.

Masongsong stipulated in his order that “as leaders and managers in their assigned sectors and/or department­s, (the NEA officials) are expected to assume the functions and responsibi­lities in their respective sectors/department­s, primarily geared towards the objective of achieving the NEA Vision and the accomplish­ment of the mandated mission.”

Changes in assignment­s covered Deputy Administra­tor Goldelio Rivera, who had been moved from Electric Cooperativ­es Management Services (ECMS) to the agency’s Legal Services.

Named to the ECMS post is Sonia San Diego, who had shifted from her previous assignment as Deputy Administra­tor for Corporate Resources and Financial Services (CRFS).

Also moved around in their designatio­ns had been Deputy Administra­tor Rossan Rosero-Lee from Legal Services to Special Concerns Office; and lawyer Vicar Loureen Lofranco from Corporate Communicat­ions and Social Marketing Office to CRFS, as deputy administra­tor in acting capacity.

Deputized as the new head of Informatio­n Technology and Communicat­ions Services Department is Engineer Roderick Padua; while Engineer Francisco Caymo will be leading the agency’s Corporate Planning Office.

Meanwhile, Ana Rosa Papa has been reassigned to the Office for Performanc­e Assessment and Social Studies; and current Public Relations Chief Rosarita Salvador has been delegated as Acting Department Manager for Corporate Communicat­ions and Social Marketing Office.

This is the first major reshufflin­g of posts that the NEA chief had instituted since he assumed office. The key mandate he has set out for the agency is to achieve full electrific­ation of all Filipino households and also strengthen the electricit­y infrastruc­ture, primarily those serving the rural and marginaliz­ed segments of the country.

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