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Duterte to Trump:

Throw drug dealers into Atlantic Ocean


President Duterte has advised United States (US) President Donald Trump not to be afraid to kill drug dealers, and even suggested to throw them into the Atlantic Ocean, to solve America's drug problem.

Duterte, in a speech at a dinner concert in Pasay City Thursday night, said that the decision still lies with the 45th President of the United States on how he will solve the surprising­ly large-scale problem of the world superpower.

“Pasok kaagad si Trump (Trump immediatel­y said), ‘I will follow Duterte if I can only kill.’ Do not, do not. You just kill. Presidente ka (You are the President ),” Du te rte said.

“Bahala ka na diyan kung anong gawain mo. Kalaki ‘yang Atlantic Ocean na ‘yan, eh ‘di doon mo itapon ‘yan (It's up to you what you will do about the problem. The Atlantic Ocean is vast, you can throw them there),” he added.

Duterte said Trump should learn to do what he thinks will be better for his country.

“Mahirap sa kanya (It's difficult for him) because they cannot kill. Ako (Me), I will kill you to preserve my nation,”Duterte said.

Duterte reiterated that Americans should not belittle the problems of the Philippine­s as they might be surprise that they have bigger problems of their own.

“You, Americans, you are really putting us down and you know what the problem is. I am sure you have your CIA. You have your own internatio­nal intelligen­ce,” Duterte said in his Thursday evening speech.

“You know deep inside how grave the problem is. But yet you do not want to recognize it just because you want to be the good boy. Maybe it’s the atonement for their sins for colonizing the world,” he added.

“To your horror, one day, you will realize that you have the problem 10 times over sa amin (than ours). Ngayon, sila na ang may problema ngayon (Now, they have the same problem),” he continued.

President Duterte had earlier expressed his elation over reports which said that Trump wants to copy his style in fighting illegal drugs.

“You know the Chinese and Filipinos don’t have a drug problem. They just kill them,” Duterte said, citing a report quoting Trump.

It was earlier reported that Trump admired how Duterte is dealing with illegal drugs. US officials were also quoted, saying that Trump “often leaps into a passionate speech about how drug dealers are as bad as serial killers and should all get the death penalty.”

The United States is often the subject of Duterte's tirades because of Washington's criticisms to his drug war during the administra­tion of former President Barrack Obama.

But the relationsh­ip between the Philippine­s and the United States started to get back on track due to the friendly relationsh­ip between Duterte and the equally controvers­ial Trump.

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