More Filipino fam­i­lies ex­pe­ri­ence hunger – SWS poll

Manila Bulletin - - National News - By ELLALYN DE VERA-RUIZ

More Filipino fam­i­lies have ex­pe­ri­enced in­vol­un­tary hunger be­cause of lack of food at least once in the past three months, re­sults of the third quar­ter So­cial Weather Sta­tions (SWS) sur­vey showed.

In the na­tion­wide sur­vey con­ducted last Sept. 15-23 among 1,500 re­spon­dents, SWS found that 13.3 per­cent or an es­ti­mated 3.1 mil­lion fam­i­lies ex­pe­ri­enced in­vol­un­tary hunger at least once in the past three months.

The SWS said the mea­sure of hunger refers to in­vol­un­tary suf­fer­ing be­cause the re­spon­dents an­swered a sur­vey ques­tion that spec­i­fies hunger due to lack of food to eat.

The lat­est fig­ure is 3.9 points above the 9.4 per­cent or about 2.2 mil­lion fam­i­lies quar­terly hunger in June 2018. This is the high­est since the 15.9 per­cent in De­cem­ber 2017.

Hunger up in all ar­eas

ex­cept Visayas

The quar­terly hunger rate rose by 4.3 points in Metro Manila, from 13 per­cent (412,000 fam­i­lies) in June 2018 to 17.3 per­cent in Septem­ber 2018 (549,000); by 5.4 points in the rest of Lu­zon, from 7.3 per­cent (758,000 fam­i­lies) to 12.7 per­cent (1.3 mil­lion fam­i­lies); and by seven points in Min­danao, from 11.3 per­cent (604,000 fam­i­lies) to 18.3 per­cent (975,000 fam­i­lies).

Mean­while, it fell by 3.3 points in Visayas, from 9.3 per­cent (419,000 fam­i­lies) in June to 6 per­cent (269,000 fam­i­lies).

Mod­er­ate ver­sus se­vere hunger

The third quar­ter 2018 hunger rate is com­posed of 10.6 per­cent (2.5 mil­lion fam­i­lies) who ex­pe­ri­enced mod­er­ate hunger and 2.8 per­cent (643,000 fam­i­lies) who ex­pe­ri­enced se­vere hunger.

SWS refers to mod­er­ate hunger to those who ex­pe­ri­enced hunger "only once" or "a few times" in the last three months, while se­vere hunger refers to those who ex­pe­ri­enced it "of­ten" or "al­ways" in the last three months.

The few who did not state their fre­quency of hunger were clas­si­fied un­der mod­er­ate hunger.

Mod­er­ate hunger in­creased by 2.5 points, from 8.1 per­cent in June to 10.6 per­cent in Septem­ber. This is the high­est since the 12.2 per­cent in De­cem­ber 2017.

It in­creased in Metro Manila by one point, from 12 per­cent in June to 13 per­cent Septem­ber; by three points in the rest of Lu­zon, from 6 per­cent to 9 per­cent; and Min­danao by seven points from 9 per­cent to 16 per­cent.

It de­creased by 3.3 points in the Visayas from 9.3 per­cent to 6 per­cent.

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