Af­ter the storm

Manila Bulletin - - Editorial - READ: PSALM 107:22-32 What a bless­ing was that still­ness (Psalm 107:30).


Y fam­ily and I ex­haled as our lit­tle boat glided to a halt. Since the start of our amuse­ment park ride, we’d “sailed” through dark cav­erns, where trolls and saucer-eyed mon­sters jeered at us. We’d hit rough wa­ter and felt waves slosh into the boat as we flew over a wa­ter­fall! Fi­nally, we’d drifted into the calm wa­ter where we could dis­em­bark.

A group of an­cient sailors had a sim­i­lar ex­pe­ri­ence, but without the as­sur­ance of a happy end­ing. The psalmist de­scribed what hap­pened when they faced a storm at sea. “Their ships were tossed to the heav­ens and plunged again to the depths” (Psalm 107:26). The ter­ri­fied sailors grew des­per­ate.

Amid the chaos, they called out to God, and He tamed the thrash­ing, howl­ing storm — to a whis­per. “What a bless­ing was that still­ness as he brought them safely into har­bor!” (Psalm 107:30). In the calm, the sailors were able to pause and think clearly. They could see where they were headed and look for­ward to re­plen­ish­ing their sup­plies.

Some­thing else hap­pened in the still­ness. They praised God for His great love and the won­der­ful things He’d done for them (Psalm 107:31).

Some­times life seems as over­whelm­ing as trou­ble at sea. Trauma tilts our world, and be­fore we can stand up, we’re blown over by yet an­other prob­lem.

But God is there in the midst of the in­sta­bil­ity—and He’s also there in the mo­ment when the clouds part and the sun breaks through. It’s of­ten then, in the still­ness af­ter the storm, that our faith be­comes sight (2 Corinthi­ans 5:7). As we re­flect on how God’s prom­ises car­ried us through dif­fi­culty, we re­joice as we see how He lov­ingly met our needs.

May we re­main faith­ful to God as we en­joy the bless­ing of His faith­ful­ness to us.

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