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Japanese real estate developer brings expertise to the Philippine­s


The Philippine real estate industry continues to enjoy steady growth attributed to, among other things, a steady increase in demand in the residentia­l condominiu­m segment.

As the income of the middle to upper-middle class grows, their taste has also become more discerning. They are now more concerned about products that are reflective of their lifestyle choices and products that provide convenienc­e and comfort.

Real estate developer, Federal Land, Inc., recognized this shift in demand. In one of their recent forays, they have chosen to collaborat­e with a property developer from Japan, Nomura Real Estate Developmen­t, Co., Ltd., whose vision for quality, value, and customer satisfacti­on equals their own.

Founded in 1957 in Tokyo, Nomura Real Estate Developmen­t Co., Ltd. is one of the affiliates of the Nomura Group of Companies which has a history of more than 90 years of investment banking experience. One of the more prominent members of this group is Nomura Securities, one of Japan’s largest financial institutio­ns.

The real estate company engages in residentia­l developmen­t, corporate real estate brokerage, commercial property developmen­t, building leasing, and architectu­ral design businesses across Japan, and recently, in China, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Nomura has not only dedicated itself to going beyond normal design boundaries, but has continuous­ly explored new technologi­es that better serves the urban landscape of its properties.

Under its quality residentia­l brands, Proud and Ohana, Nomura has gained a reputation for quality in locations they are present in, bringing value to the environmen­ts they build.

“As a company, we look for equally strong partners in every project. We consider it an honor to bring the excellence that Nomura Real Estate is known for and to share it with the Philippine­s. We’re very happy to find a good partner in Federal Land Inc. so we can transform our vision of integratin­g all that is precious to people and communitie­s, into reality,” said Eiji Kutsukake, chairman of Nomura Real

Estate Developmen­t Co., Ltd.

The Seasons Residences is the first project of the partnershi­p between Federal Land, Nomura Real Estate Developmen­t Co., Ltd., and retail giant, Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings, Co. Ltd. It is a four-tower Japanese-inspired residentia­l developmen­t which will be home to the first Mitsukoshi Mall in the country.

It is currently under constructi­on at Federal Land’s Grand Central Park in Bonifacio Global City.

This venture promises to offer a harmonious, innovative, and technology-led home that elevates the lifestyles of the growing population of discerning buyers.

“By combining our knowledge and enthusiasm with our high level of technical skills, we can offer the best products and services to the partnershi­p,” Kutsukake said.

The Seasons Residences benefits from Nomura’s expertise on design efficiency. Among other features, this translates to maximized storage spaces within the units, clean technology (where each unit will have tiles that minimize excess humidity, unpleasant odors, and harmful substances in the air), and safety (the use of visco-elastic coupling dampers to reduce wind and earthquake vibrations).

The partnershi­p will also be building the much-anticipate­d Mitsukoshi Mall at the podium of the residentia­l towers of The Seasons Residences. This four-story retail developmen­t is set to provide a holistic Japanese shopping experience to Filipinos.

 ??  ?? Artist’s perspectiv­e of The Seasons Residences
Artist’s perspectiv­e of The Seasons Residences
 ??  ?? The four-tower developmen­t will be home to the first Mitsukoshi Mall in the country
The four-tower developmen­t will be home to the first Mitsukoshi Mall in the country

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