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How do you describe yourself?


In this edition of Alpas Filipinas, I sit down with a woman I’ve admired since the day we met and we had all but a few moments to say hello before going on stage to host WWF Philippine­s’ Earth Hour. A renowned actress, host, self- proclaimed dance enthusiast, and fellow WWF member, spent precious time with me to discuss passion, self-expression, feminism, mental health, the many pressures women face in today’s world, and the love she never wants to forget.

Iza Calzado

Well, I am a human being, a woman, a loving wife and sister (or I try to be). One day I hope to add mother to that. I am an actress. Apart from that, I’d like to think I am a health and wellness enthusiast and body love/ body acceptance advocate.

I think so much of what you care about has to do with feminism, but not radical feminism, which is what so many people associate the term with. It’s a stereotype that should be corrected, and you do a great job of showing that women’s experience in the world is colored by a lot of policing. People are always telling us we should be less of ourselves, or more, that it’s impossible to keep up. You do a great job of balancing all these expectatio­ns and being your true self. It’s inspiring. It’s very central to who you are.

 ??  ?? NIKKI H. HUANG

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