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De los Santos: King of the world of e-kata


World No. 1 James De los Santos earned his 16th online gold medal as he edged Silvio Cerone-Biagioni of South Africa 25.7-23.9 in the final of the Golden League Karate e-Tournament Series 2.

A day after he claimed the No. 1 spot in the e-kata of the World Karate Federation (WKF), the 30-year-old De los Santos proceeded to score a huge victory to highlight his achievemen­t.

“I really never thought that I would catch up, given that I was nearly 3,000 points behind when I become the No. 2 back in August,” De los Santos said as he improved to 8950 points to surpass Eduardo Garcia of Portugal.

“That discourage­d me for a while, until my kata coach Masa Saito, as well as my parents told me to be patient and take one tournament at a time. That got me back on my feet. Then nearly three months later, I finally achieved it.”

Garcia is now at second spot with 8575 points, while Cerone-Biogioni (4585) remains at third, followed by Matias Moreno Domont of Switzerlan­d (4455) at fourth and Nejc Sternisa of Slovenia (3980) is at fifth.

On his way to the final of the Golden League Karate e-Tournament Series 2, the former national team member eliminated Domont 25-24 in their quarterfin­al match and then downed Murilo Alves of Brazil 25.123.3 in the semifinal.

Early this month, De los Santos ruled the 1st Euro Grand Prix and the 2nd e-Karate Games 2020.

Last month, De los Santos had a sizzling win streak as he won seven gold medals.

It started with the Tokaido Maribor Open eTournamen­t, then the 4th SportData eTournamen­t World Series, the Hatamoto Kai Mitad Del Mundo E-Tournament, E-Champions Trophy World Series, Miyamoto Musashi Five Rings and the 2nd Dutch Open E-Tournament.

He also won the e-Karate Games 2020 and the Athletes E-Tournament last August, the Balkan Open eTournamen­t in July, the Korokotta Cup last June and the Palestine Internatio­nal Karate Cup last April.


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