Manila Bulletin

Tokyo Citrus Chiller



• Recipe glass

• Nespresso barista device


• 150 ml ice cubes

• 110 ml World Exploratio­ns Tokyo Vivalto Lungo

• 1 pc. Cucumber slice

• 2 pcs. Yuzu peel

• 1 pc. Nespresso white sugar


1. Place two 30 grams of ice cubes and two Yuzu peels into the Nespresso barista device.

2. Extract 110 ml of World Exploratio­ns Tokyo Lungo into your Barista device over the ice and peels.

3. Add Nespresso white sugar stick (optional).

4. Close the lid, select the “Iced Nitro” recipe and press the start button.

5. Place three 30 grams ice cubes and a large fresh cucumber slice into a recipe glass, then pour the cold coffee over it.

6. Place a Yuzu peel or fresh cucumber to garnish.

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