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Tokyo Matcha Latte



• View recipe glass

• Nespresso barista device


• 150 ml of 1.5 percent milk

• 15 g honey

• 5 g grilled sesame seeds

• 2 g matcha powder


1. Pour 150 milliliter­s of 1.5 percent milk directly into the Nespresso barista device. Add half a teaspoon or two grams of Matcha powder. Close the lid. Select the “Latte Macchiato” recipe on the device and press the start button.

2. Add 15 grams of honey into a view recipe glass and then extract 110 milliliter­s of World Exploratio­ns Tokyo Lungo over it.

3. Pour the Matcha hot milk on top and garnish with some grilled sesame seeds.

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