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Pangasinan’s canned carabao fresh milk


ASINGAN, Pangasinan – A farmers’ cooperativ­e in this town is providing carabao fresh milk for the government’s nationwide milk feeding program, canning it to prolong its shelf-life for distributi­on in far-flung areas in the province of Pangasinan.

Bantog Samahang Nayon Multipurpo­se Cooperativ­e (BSNMC) president Rolly Mateo said the canned carabao fresh milk can last up to six months compared to tetra packaging that lasts only five to 45 days when placed in a freezer.

Mateo said they innovated their packaging to cater to the demands of the Department of Education’s (DepEd) supplement­al feeding program.

He added they have started distributi­ng the canned carabao fresh milk since July 30 this year.

“We have been in partnershi­p with the DepEd as we provide nutritious carabao fresh milk to the pupils through the department’s supplement­al feeding program. We are now distributi­ng 600,000 pieces of 200-milliliter carabao fresh milk through DepEd every month,” he said.

Despite the new packaging, Mateo said they have not increased their prices and the canned product is yet exclusive for DepEd.

“Due to the lockdown last year, we were unable to sell most of our products because our customers cannot travel. But now, we are glad we have this partnershi­p with the provincial government as well as the local government of Asingan and now with the DepEd,” he said.

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