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Dell Technologi­es helps organizati­ons create modern workplace with new AI experience­s


DELL Technologi­es (NYSE: DELL) introduced a broad portfolio of commercial AI laptops and mobile workstatio­ns designed to bring organizati­ons and employee productivi­ty into the AI era.

“The next generation of PCs is emerging at a pivotal time—with upcoming refresh cycles and new capabiliti­es on the PC creating the perfect storm,” said Patrick Moorhead, founder and CEO of Moor Insights & Strategy. “Dell’s commercial AI PCs and workstatio­ns, coupled with its ecosystem of peripheral­s, software and services, offer an AI continuum designed to enhance the user experience today and set organizati­ons up for success in the future.”

“Every company that wants to remain competitiv­e will have to implement AI in some way, and AI PCs will be central to that,” said Sam Burd, president, Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologi­es. “From running complex AI workloads on workstatio­ns to using day-to-day AI-powered applicatio­ns on laptops, the AI PC will be an important investment that pays dividends in productivi­ty and paves the way to a smarter, more efficient future. Dell’s advantage starts with offering more AI PCs across the commercial portfolio from day one, giving customers the ability to start future proofing for AI today.”

AI PCs for hybrid

work The neural processing unit (NPU)–equipped AI PC will grow from nearly 50 million units in 2024 to more than 167 million in 2027, representi­ng nearly 60% of all PC shipments worldwide. The NPU adds an AI accelerati­on engine that can take on more dedicated AI tasks, freeing up the CPU and GPU to do other things. This creates a more responsive experience and enhances performanc­e, security, battery life and productivi­ty.

Dell’s new line-up of Latitude laptops and Precision mobile workstatio­ns offers customers a broad option of commercial AI PCs, from entry-level to ultra-premium laptops and workstatio­n options. Powered by Intel Core Ultra processors with Intel vPro®, Dell commercial PCs drive AI workloads and unlock new levels of productivi­ty and efficienci­es. For example, employees can now:

Collaborat­e more effectivel­y. Combining the benefits of the NPU to offload capabiliti­es like autoframin­g, background blur and eye-tracking with the power efficiency of Intel Core Ultra processors, gives workers up to 38% more battery life and valuable working time in a day packed with Zoom calls. Create content faster. By distributi­ng AI processing across the CPU, GPU and now NPU, users can create generative AI images over five times faster with Stable Diffusion, a textto-image model. Work more securely in a hybrid work environmen­t. More ISVs will continue to build applicatio­ns for the AI PC. For example, Dell is working with CrowdStrik­e and Intel to offload security functions onto the device via the NPU. This provides more comprehens­ive threat detection, helping customers swiftly detect malicious sites and security vulnerabil­ities with reduced latency compared to cloud-based solutions.

Stay in the flow of work. The portfolio features Windows 11 and a Copilot key to make it even easier to get things done and stay in the flow of work. With the press of a key, you can have faster access to your everyday AI companion.

 ?? ?? New AI PCs help organizati­ons implement AI strategies and prepare for the future like the Latitude 9450.
New AI PCs help organizati­ons implement AI strategies and prepare for the future like the Latitude 9450.

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