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Counter- terrorism training for PNP quartet


FOUR Filipino law enforcers will join their counterpar­ts in South East Asia in an extensive training course on counterter­rorism funded by the UK Government.

Delegates from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia and the Philippine­s are taking part in the 4th Regional Counter Terrorism Investigat­ions Management Course at the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcemen­t Cooperatio­n (JCLEC) in Indonesia this week..

“We are delighted that the PNP (Philippine National Police) is again participat­ing in the regional counter-terrorism course in Jakarta supported by the British Government,” said British Embassy Chargé d’ Affaires Trevor Lewis.

He added, “Many PNP officers have already benefited from this program and speak highly of the training on offer. The program helps build on our strong partnershi­p with the Philippine­s in helping to build a peaceful and secure environmen­t. The skills that the participan­ts gain from this course will enhance their capability to protect the people they serve.”

The delegates are expected to develop their profession­al skills and to foster collaborat­ion and cooperatio­n between the police services of the different countries in the region. The course will be focused at a high strategic level to support the growth of counter terrorist policing in South East Asia, and will draw upon the expertise of British, Indonesian and other internatio­nal law enforcemen­t experts.

The first week of training will be based on briefings and case studies to heighten knowledge of skills associated with CT investigat­ion and intelligen­ce gathering techniques, importance of CT strategy and analysis.

The second week includes an exercise exposing participan­ts to decision making, tasking and risk assessment associated with managing CT operations.

The final week will concentrat­e on looking at contempora­ry terrorism issues, including radicaliza­tion, terrorist financing, forensics as well as discussing and looking at initiative­s used around the region in connection with de-radicaliza­tion.

David Gray, an officer from the Counter Terrorism Command at New Scotland Yard, will conduct the three-week training assisted by former London Metropolit­an Police Commander Bob Milton.

“We will have several guest speakers during the course including Detective Superinten­dent Mark Morgan who is the Counter Terrorism Extremism Liaison officer based in Jakarta; the highly respected Sidney Jones from Internatio­nal Crisis Group, who is widely acknowledg­ed as an expert in counter terrorism within the South East Asia Region; and Inspector General Tito Karnavian from the Indonesian National Police who was formerly the chief officer of Indonesia’s counter terrorism unit—detachment 88,” explained Gray.

The participan­ts are already looking forward to gaining new insights from the training environmen­t of shared experience­s that the course will present.

“We believe that the JCLEC CT course will provide the PNP participan­ts advanced and updated knowledge in counter-terrorism and de-radicaliza­tion efforts. We also see that our delegates’ interactio­n with various representa­tives from the law enforcemen­t units of other countries will be beneficial to their organizati­ons and ours as well. Such interactio­ns can provide insights on the methods, procedures and best practices of Asian law enforcemen­t units. We expect that the participan­ts will be armed with new techniques and ideas on how to improve the PNP’S CT efforts in pursuit of its Integrated Transforma­tion Program,” said Police Supt. Feloteo Gonzalgo, Deputy Chief of the PNP’S Foreign Liaison Division.

Added Police Supt. Marlon Sapla, Assistant Chief of the PNP’S Intelligen­ce Operations Division: “This training is expected to help us in the formulatio­n of more effective and responsive strategic, operationa­l and tactical strategies in the fight against terrorism in the Philippine­s and in responsive strategic, operationa­l and tactical strategies in the fight against terrorism in the Philippine­s and in the South East Asian region. It is also expected to enable us to have a closer working relationsh­ip with other CT practition­ers in the region.”

The UK Government has been supporting the Regional Counter Terrorism Investigat­ions Management Course since it started, and is funded through its Asean Program Fund.


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