‘Qu­at­tro’s’ for­mi­da­ble four

Fe­male artists Eileen Bon­doc-Es­cueta, Irma Lara, Minda Ven­tanilla, and Jo Uy­gongco hold group ex­hibit at ArtistS­pace

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UN­DE­NI­ABLY the arts and mu­sic have found a co­he­sive and con­vivial char­ac­ter in the num­ber four. Wit­ness alone the yearly se­quen­tial and Me­lan­cholic ( loves tra­di­tion, change of sea­sons: win­ter, does not seek nov­elty spring, sum­mer, au­tumn or or ad­ven­ture). fall that in­spired clas­si­cal mu­sic Most in­di­vid­u­als, how­ever, ge­nius An­to­nio Vi­valdi’s “Four have mixed tem­per­a­ments, so Sea­sons.” And who bet­ter to the un­trained en­thu­si­asts can­not ren­der this mu­sic but a string judge solely by ap­pear­ance. quar­tet com­posed of two vi­o­lin­ists, And yet — in­ter­est­ingly a cel­list and a vi­ola player? — Qu­at­tro, the lat­est group

And then there are the ex­hi­bi­tion at ArtistS­pace, can Four Tem­per­a­ments, which are di­men­sions of hu­man be­hav­ior. To wit: San­guine of the art­works by the four ( lively, op­ti­mistic, buoy­ant); par­tic­i­pat­ing artists namely, Ph­leg­matic ( peo­ple per­son, Eileen Bon­doc-Es­cueta, Irma loyal spouse); Cho­leric ( goalo­ri­ented, Lara, Minda Ven­tanilla, and Jo an­a­lyt­i­cal, log­i­cal), Uy­gongco.

In­deed, it is a line from their Artist State­ment, which trig­gered this provoca­tive anal­y­sis: “The time has come for this band of dif­fer­ent per­son­al­i­ties to show­case their new­found pas­sion.”

By virtue of hav­ing launched the Artists Stu­dio based in Fully­booked in Green­belt Mall, Bon­doc-Es­cueta has per­force be­come the group’s ral­ly­ing and back­grounds of the im­pres­sive num­ber of stu­dents, be­gin­ners as well as vet­er­ans, who have at­tended Eileen’s paint­ing work­shops sh at­test to the re­demp­tive p power of art.

Bankers, cor­po­rate ex­ec­u­tives, ti mar­ket­ing spe­cial­ists, b busi­ness en­trepreneurs, lawyers, y ar­chi­tects, and de­sign­ers h have all heeded the clar­ion call o of “art.” It was Bon­doc-Es­cueta w who had con­ceived Qu­at­tro as a an all-women quar­tet of artists b brought to­gether “by fate or ac­ci­dent” ci into one happy blend of h har­mo­nious art­mak­ing.

And now, bear­ing in mind, th that artists too have mixed te tem­per­a­ments, per­haps part se serene and part as­sertive, part in in­tu­itive and part an­a­lytic. T The au­di­ence will see how their works evoke the sub­tle strains of their in­di­vid­ual sen­si­bil­i­ties, and in what ways their works may un­con­sciously in­ter­sect and con­nect.

For Bon­doc-Es­cueta, wa­ter­color has ever been the medium of fa­vor and choice. Con­ducive is the gen­tle han­dling of her brush­stroke which coaxes to come to light her im­ages of de the sheer del­i­cacy of pig­ments thin­ning into shad­ows. A fo­liage of jas­mine blos­soms seems to twin­kle from the un­der­growth; a bur­nished clus­ter of co­conuts is im­pe­ri­ously perched atop an un­reach­able tree.

Lara shares Bon­doc-Es­cueta’s fas­ci­na­tion with the sen­su­ously glid­ing koi. She fa­vors, how­ever a more ex­pres­sion­ist han­dling of the brush, where the phys­i­cal­ity of the pig­ments are man­i­fest, al­most as if she were an­i­mat­ing the forms into life. An el­e­ment of fan­tasy graces her works, no­tably where a woman’s comely face is made more alive in the pres­ence of or­chid blooms.

In­deed, a sun­set too is an in­evitable pres­ence in the works of Ven­tanilla. This time, how­ever, - ing fer­vor, as if her skies were on in sear­ing red, ap­plied in im­pas­tos that set the work in ten­sion - ers. Yet, Ven­tanilla can sur­prise with w a soft-fo­cus, al­most mist­ily ily evanes­cent hibis­cus bloom, where wh the pas­sion­ate reds re­cede into in the shyest shades of pinks.

dis­tinctly di rep­re­sen­ta­tional, Jo Uy­gongco U opts for a more ab­stract st ren­di­tion of her works. Her H lone or­chid seems like a brief br foray but still it is a mar­vel of mar­bling ef­fects. Most of her works w par­take of this mar­bling tech­nique, te al­low­ing the slowly co­ag­u­lat­ing co pig­ments to merge into in the most lava-like blend­ing - ing, i me­an­der­ing, as if seek­ing stops fairly short of dom­i­nat­ing the space.

Hence, Qu­at­tro is a per­for­mance and a pro­jec­tion of four women’s pas­sion for art, which no mat­ter how late the call­ing, is more than just an act of mak­ing up for lost time, en­gen­der­ing re­gret and guilt.

Did they dis­cover art, or is it the other way around? Like the four sea­sons and the four tem­per­a­ments, these four women artists have had the good for­tune of an time and place for the mat­u­ra­tion of their selves and spir­its.

Qu­at­tro will be on view at the ArtistS­pace from un­til Oc­to­ber 17. ArtistS­pace is lo­cated at the Ayala Mu­seum An­nex, Ground Level, Makati Av­enue corner De La Rosa Street, Makati City.

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