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(Part 1)

WITH the Petron-MP Turbo Rally of Cham­pi­ons, now pre­sented by Honda, on its half­way point, we are very happy to say that the De­cathlon of mo­tor sports is truly an in­com­pa­ra­ble and out­stand­ing event! Don’t just take it from me, but from the nu­mer­ous so­cial me­dia posts of the rac­ers and fans that at­tended it last week­end.

We are very happy that af­ter only four week­ends and six rounds, the Petron ROC has gained so much fol­low­ing and be­liev­ers that it is de­fy­ing the eco­nomic down­turn we are cur­rently ex­pe­ri­enc­ing in the coun­try! With the An­tipolo City govern­ment, headed by Mayor Jun Ynares, host­ing the next two rounds on Novem­ber 1011, we ex­pect a lot more par­tic­i­pants and at­tain a me­te­oric rise never be­fore seen for a new race se­ries.

Be­sides the reg­u­lar, hard­core rac­ers race for the best time, the be­gin­ners and ju­nior driv­ers are all rav­ing about the Ar­rive and Drive for­mat. This unique se­ries re­wards the driv­ers that run con­sis­tently ac­cord­ing to their the 1 de­merit given for ev­ery 0.1 sec­ond that they are ei­ther early or late from their de­clared time. The AAD rac­ers also avoid the costly way of mod­i­fy­ing cars and rely on driv­ing within their lim­its.

the Petron ROC? Read on and you will see why our rac­ers are rav­ing about it.

Ar­rive and drive win­ners

The AAD’s fastest nom­i­nated times were in Group A, from a su­per fast 1:20 to 1:29 lap time. Multi-tal­ented Rac­ing and Mo­tocross cham­pion Joey Almeda came back from re­tire­ment and used his Joey could only run in 1 heat and had team lead­ers to win this group with Jeff Rom­mel Ma­teo with 81.

Group B had tar­get times of 1:30 to 1:33 per lap and the top 3 driv­ers were of 13 de­mer­its in his pow­er­ful Nis­san - de­mer­its. The third went to Ray­mond Con­cep­cion in his tur­bocharged Toy­ota

Group C driv­ers de­clared times of 1:36 to 1:48 and was the up­com­ing rac­ers hon­ing their skills. Win­ning this new driv­ers group was 12-year old MarkyYoung of the in a stock, au­to­matic Honda Civic FD. Marky is fol­low­ing his fa­ther, Mark, in get­ting into mo­tor sports and has trained with our MP Turbo Team. First timer, Ja­panese lady driver Yuri took a su­perb sec­ond place with 122 in Jimwell Escalona took 3rd place with 440

AAD shootout

- mented in Round to let the fans know who is the best AAD driver in this round. of de­mer­its go for 1 lap with their new de­clared time and see who will be the AAD cham­pion for this round.

Rom­mel Ma­teo de­clared the fastest time of 1:26 and took over­all AAD hon­ors when he posted only two de­mer­its! Rom­mel was very lucky as he hit a py­lon in his run that gave him two-sec­ond penalty. How­ever, he was go­ing fast enough to cross the line at 1:24.19 to give him the win.

Tak­ing a clean lap and only 4 place. Jeff de­clared the next fastest lap of 1:27 in his Mit­subishi Lancer and lucky run of Rom­mel. Jeff and Rom looks like they will be bat­tling it out up to the end of the cham­pi­onship.

run with 38 de­mer­its to ward of­fMarky Young, who took fourth place

Su­per­bat­tle win­ners

big sup­port of the drift guys headed the Open RWD di­vi­sion. They were joined by the Mark Young-MP Turbo team of Car­los and Inigo An­ton with FWD cars for their Open FWD class.

Ma­teo im­pressed every­one with a night­time run of 1:21:73 and 1:24:31 for a to­tal of 2:46.04 to take 1st place. His Mit­subishi Lancer was pierc­ing the track well and looked very sta­ble the whole time. Rom­mel edged out

The Open RWD class was won by dis­play of throt­tle steer­ing his Nis­san times of 1:31.39 and 1:33.09 for a to­tal of 3:04.48. New drift racer War­ren Merdeguia showed his im­prov­ing skills prob­lems and had to re­pair his car in be­tween the runs. He still man­aged to get third with 3:36.03. Gian Carlo

The Open 4WD class was won by Car­los An­ton with very fast times of 1:20.60 and 1:20.47 for a to­tal of only 2:41.07. His son Iñigo fol­lowed his dad home with 2:46:62 and my­self in 3rd.

We will have the ROC win­ners in a spe­cial ar­ti­cle and Round 6 win­ners for Part 2 here in my col­umn next week. God­speed!

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