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JFinex partners with NOAH Business Applicatio­ns to propel financial literacy into the digital age

- Www.noahapplic­ https://

THE Junior Finex (JFinex), which serves as the vehicle of the 50-yearold Financial Executives Institute of the Philippine­s (Finex) to promote advance learning in business and


its advocacies. This is in line with the campaign to promote and instill Finance Leader Conference held on

attracted 10,000 students from various discipline­s from as far north as Laoag

offered to students for free.

JFinex had one goal: to gather the youth and inspire them to learn

- ernment for the Youth; Inspiratio­ns

- lennials in Corporate Leadership, Dada del Carmen, who is also JFinex chairman developed an advanced and secured platform called the

- ue of this portal was demonstrat­ed

large number of students to participat­e in the conference.

This automated system through the use of the portal streamline­d the processing of big data and informatio­n. To attract students, the portal

accessibil­ity in communicat­ion

- tive participan­ts. This resulted in

reaching and instantane­ous sharing of messages, and provided a chan-

gathered by the portal is in compliance with the data privacy act.

Upon registrati­on, sending of

- form which assures that informatio­n is delivered promptly through the different mediums of communicat­ion. In effect, the process of registra-

electronic­ally in seconds. Participan­ts were provided with their attendance and served as an en-

downloadab­le e-certificat­es were made available to every participan­t. Two months before the event, seating arrangemen­ts for the event were

The portal also served as a channel for crisis management. Four days before the big event, a brewing

a number of areas in the north of -

facilitate­d the communicat­ion for any potential changes. Fortunatel­y, the typhoon had little effect on the outcome of the successful event.

was also able to fully automate the Inter-Collegiate Finance Competi-

- pared their teams through a rigorous selection and training program at least a year prior the competitio­n. - competitio­n process from its prelimi-

given tablet devices to use where they were able to examine the questions and electronic­ally relay their answers. The scoring, tabulation and results were made readily available to the audience and participan­ts.

of what it can do to your business. For more informatio­n, visit - increasing performanc­e and pro-

of advancemen­t in automating your business, to include the following: Financials; Financial Consolidat­ion; Warehousin­g; Production; Customer

- help JFinex unleash its full potential

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