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Dos and Don’ts:


Do exfoliate your skin prior to your session to ensure that the formula latches onto your skin and lasts even longer. Do wear loose clothing. Do wear minimal lotion or cream (if possible). Don’t wear face makeup, as the Mystic Kyss Spray Booth also lightly sprays your face for an even, subtle color all over. Do wait six to eight hours before showering, swimming, or exercising. Do moisturize a lot over the course of the following days as healthy, moisturize­d skin will prolong the life of your tan and ensure an even fade. Don’t wear underwear in the private, selfcontai­ned spray booth for a super even tan. Do slather on the barrier cream on your palms and the tops of your feet, paying attention to the cuticles and nails on both hands and feet. Do also apply a light layer of the barrier cream onto the tops of your hands Do keep your hair in a neat bun! (The studio provides a hair net cap to keep your hair out of the way.) Do use soap that is sulfate-free to help keep the tan for longer!

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