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5 Days in Lapland


THE TEOS exclaim jokingly that if you only had 24 hours in Lapland, “Don’t bother, because it’s not enough!” Their top choice though, which would let you experience what Lapland is all about, would be the husky ride. If you have the chance to stay longer in Lapland, here are a few ideas to fill your itinerary:

Sleep inside a glass igloo. Made especially to view the spectacula­r Northern Lights, it lets you enjoy the picturesqu­e nature that surrounds you in comfort. Even if the Northern Lights don’t show up, you get front-row seats to gorgeous sunsets and unsullied, powder-white snow.

Take a cross-country snowmobile. For adventure seekers of all ages, taking a snowmobile around Lapland is a must. Operating one is easier than it looks, and kids can tag along if they’re with an adult.

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind sauna. Heading to the sauna is a way of life for the Finns, perhaps to combat the freezing cold, or to simply relax. There are several saunas around Lapland, but most need to be booked ahead of time, to ensure the privacy of each guest. Z laughs about his sauna experience. “It’s like a cave, but to get there you need to be in your towel and a beanie, and nothing else. It’s about a 50-meter run from the first location to the sauna. The freezing cold, plus the huskies just right there watching you as you run naked in the snow, and the cold just makes you scream as you run. That was funny.”

Befriend a husky. Dogs are indeed man’s best friend, and huskies are no exception. These furry friends are in their natural habitat, and some tours go as far as offering an hour or two to spend time with a husky.

Visit a reindeer farm. Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, is shaped like a reindeer, and it is but fitting for the area where reindeers roam, and which Santa calls home. Yes, you can approach and pet the gentle, majestic creatures, but the guides will give you a set of rules to follow for your interactio­n to go well. Each tour offers different ways on how to go about a tour of the reindeer farm.

Meet Santa. Why go all the way to Lapland if you’re not going to meet Santa? The Santa Claus Holiday Village has shops, amusement rides, and of course, you get to meet Santa Claus himself.

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