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Lapland Cuisine, Anyone?


The locals feast on what is homegrown.

Give reindeer meat a taste. Since reindeers live in Lapland, reindeer meat is also popular fare. “Tastes a bit tough,” Z comments. “But it’s good. It comes in simple flavors, like sautéed or what. Definitely still a must-try.” Poronkäris­tys, or sautéed reindeer meat, can be found almost anywhere in Finland.

Eat some of the freshest salmon. While going ice fishing won’t produce an actual salmon, you can head over to a local restaurant and enjoy it there, in what the locals call a lohikeitto, which translates into creamy salmon soup. It’s a hearty dish that keeps you warm during exceptiona­lly chilly days.

Try their own take on meatballs. Z comments that it seems every European country they head to has its own version of meatballs, and Finland is no exception. Called lihapuliat, which is Finnish for “meat buns,” it is a mix of ground beef and pork, plus breadcrumb­s. As with most Scandinavi­an dishes, the meatballs are served with potatoes and gravy.

Experience an ice bar. Aivee and Z had one chilly night spent inside an ice bar, which is exactly how it sounds like: a cave-like structure, with everything literally made out of ice, from the cave to the cocktail tables, to the cups they use to serve—you guessed it—ice-cold drinks.

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