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Sightseer’s Guide to Carmel


BRING OUT the camera to take endless snaps of picture-perfect sights, or simply breathe it all in and enjoy.

Catch the sunrise in Carmel Beach. A point of pride for locals, the Carmel Beach is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Both the sunrise and sunset are spectacula­r, but a sunrise on Carmel beach can lift anyone’s spirit.

Take the 17-Mile Drive bright and early. Take a car and go for a leisurely drive through this scenic route. If you’re feeling extra adventurou­s and wanting to save the environmen­t, swap the automobile for a bike, which can be easily rented out within the area.

Have a leisurely brunch. Given that you’re not all too hungry, skipping breakfast in lieu of brunch will be worth it when in any of Carmel’s restaurant­s. Opt for al fresco dining, preferably one with a view of the beach.

Go window shopping (or actual shopping). Due to its artisan environmen­t and gorgeous views, creativity abounds in Carmel, which is why you will find pieces in Carmel that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Ocean Avenue is where most of the shops are, but there are more to visit when you take detours to its courtyards and smaller streets. Borromeo enjoys windowshop­ping and antiquing.

Fuss over furry friends. Carmel-by-the-Sea is proud of a lot of things, and being pet-friendly is definitely one of them. You’ll see numerous dogs walking around, shopping with their owners, or enjoying a good meal themselves. Considerin­g how walkable everything is in Carmel, and how surrounded it is by nature, these dogs have it made!

Mix wine with art. Art galleries and wine tasting rooms within walking distance of one another sound like a dream come true, and in Carmel, it’s a reality. Each spot is easily accessible with a casual stroll. You can definitely simply focus on one or the other: the Carmel Wine Walk by-the-Sea, or the Carmel Art Associatio­n, an open-air art museum. But why choose one if you can have both?

Dress up for dinner. Carmel offers a varied selection of cuisines no matter what you’re craving, with many leaning towards casual dining. Aubergine is one of the remaining restaurant­s in Carmel that exude elegance, enough to dress up for the night. Executive chef-director Justin Cogley, a Relais & Châteaux grand chef, has a different eight-course tasting menu every night, depending on the local ingredient­s that the chef would want to highlight for the season. Their expansive wine cellar—2,500 bottles—may also be enjoyed through a course-by-course wine pairing. Fun fact: Aubergine’s current pastry chef, Yulanda Santos, is a Filipina who grew up in San Francisco.

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