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Five Essentials


1) Good luggage — I take with me an old Rimowa I got as a hand-me-down— it’s my check-in luggage. Covered in stickers, it reminds me of old baggage I’d see in movies as a kid, that would not only show age, but also the places it’s seen, and more importantl­y, the character of the traveler. For my carry-on, I use a vintage Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 from 1986 that I picked up in a vintage store in Osaka. On it I painted a picture of Snoopy piloting his doghouse, a playful reminder to not be so serious. Inside, I’ll usually have my smaller bag, specifical­ly a WWII British Mark VII Gas Mask bag from 1941—the same bag Indiana Jones used in the movies, gifted to me by my father a little over a decade ago.

2) One pair of Japanese denim — I usually buy a pair of Japanese raw denim and use it until it can no longer be used. There’s really nothing like a pair of good old blue jeans. (Boncoura XX)

3) Sunglasses and eyeglasses — I always have a pair of glasses on me, be it for driving at night or for the extremely sunny days. (Julius Tart Optical AR)

4) Jackets — Depending on the season, I’ll take with me one or two of my favorite jackets. For hotter climates, I bring either a denim jacket (Warehouse Type II Jacket) or a lighter option (Kapital Noragi). For cooler days, it’s always a leather jacket— recently, my Buco J22 motorcycle jacket by The Real McCoy’s or a Baracuta G9. For harsher winters, I’ll have my rabbit fur coat by Gladhand, my US Navy issued N1 Deck Jacket from the Korean War, or an N-3B Snorkel Parka as used by the US Armed Forces back in the 1950s.

5) Shoes and boots — Three pairs of shoes will always be with me as I travel. A lace-up pair of fine leather shoes, a pair of boots, and a pair of sneakers.

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