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1. Harman Kardon speakers.

“I cannot live without music! The first thing I do when I get up is put on some music. When I go to the gym, I have my AirPods with me.”

2. Tech: Laptop and iPhone.

“I need to be connected because of my work. I manage different properties, and I need to be reached through email, phone calls, WhatsApp, Viber, and others.”

3. Coffee.

“This is the second thing I go for in the morning!”

4. Watch.

“I love watches! I have my small collection. It’s important to me; it’s part of my must-have accessorie­s.”

5. Diffuser and essential oils.

“Just to give off that chill, relaxed ambiance at home.”

6. Grooming: Clinique Happy For Men, Biotherm Homme Youth Architect Serum.

“This is part of my daily ritual. This perfume, I’ve been using it for a really long time. It’s very fresh! The serum is for anti-ageing. You have to take care of your skin!”

7. Books.

“When I have spare time, I like to read. These are some that I really like.”

8. Bottle opener.

“After work, when I get home, I always like to open a bottle of wine. Just to chill after a long day.”

9. Fitness: Adidas trainers, gloves.

“Normally every morning, between 6 to 6:30, I go to the gym and train for 45 minutes to an hour. It will be treadmill and then some weights.”

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