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VM gives 8.5 rating to outgoing Council

- A. Suarez By Julianne

OUTGOING Vice Mayor Bernard Al-ag gave a rating of 8.5 out of 10 to the 18th City Council, which ended with its farewell session yesterday.

“I will give us a rating of 8.5 based on our performanc­e, attendance and legislatio­n,” Al-ag said at the sidelines of the farewell session.

In Al-ag’s accomplish­ment report, he said they conducted a total of 151 sessions in the last three years and passed and enacted 3,294 resolution­s and 790 ordinances.

According to him, the Council’s achievemen­ts will shape Davao in the next 20 years.

“We added more than P1 billion… through the enactment of the revenue code. We have major projects in terms of infrastruc­ture, transporta­tion,” said Al-ag, a three-term councilor who assumed as the leader of the city council after then Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte resigned on Dec. 25, 2017.

Al-ag noted of the major projects that the 18th Council endorsed and approved.

“This Council also endorsed to the NEDA the expansion of our airport and the seaport, among others. Another major project approved under this Council is the Waste to Energy project,” Al-ag added.

Based on his accomplish­ment report, Al-ag also mentioned some landmark legislatio­n they passed including the strategic environmen­tal partnershi­p agreement between the City Government and the City of Kitakyushu, Japan; the electronic or online system of payment as an alternativ­e mode of payment of taxes, fees, charges and other imposition­s due to the city government; the creation of Film Developmen­t Council of Davao City; the constructi­on of a drug abuse treatment and rehabilita­tion center in Barangay Malagos;

the amendment to the 2005 Revenue Code of the City of Davao; the establishm­ent of Violence Against Women (VAW) desk and protocol in handling VAW cases at barangay level; the prohibitio­n of drinking or consuming of alcoholic beverages in public streets, sidewalks, public parks and playground­s and other public areas; the recognitio­n of the rights of Muslim women to wear hijab, niqab or burqa in school campuses, workplaces, commercial establishm­ents and other private or public premises; and recently the approval to allow eco-tourism and agro-tourism activities in Marilog and Paquibato Districts.

Al-ag also noted that they issued developmen­t permits and location clearances issued: four malls, six commercial buildings, 10 hotels, 18 condominiu­ms, and 42 subdivisio­ns.

On transporta­tion, Alag also mentioned that their legislatio­n paved way for a transport system that will contribute to a major shift to the current one.

“This is the council that approved the transporta­tion roadmap that we will shift to bus system. This is the council that approved the monorail project and the Mindanao Railway Project that will soon be implemente­d,” he said.

He said the 18th Council approved the Transporta­tion Roadmap of Davao City towards developmen­t of a Public Bus system, pedestrian walkway system, private transport and freight system; the resolution favorably endorsing to NEDA the developmen­t of a Mono Rail Project; the resolution favorably endorsing the Mindanao Railway Project; the resolution for favorable endorsemen­t of the expansion of Davao Airport and Sasa Seaport.

He also mentioned the Bulk Water supply Project in Barangay Tamugan that will become the major source of potable water for Davao City ensuring a stable water supply in the next 50 years.

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