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NPA leader, wife, 3 others surrender in Surigao Norte


A NEW People’s Army commander, together with his wife and two others, surrendere­d to the 30th Infantry Battalion in Surigao del Norte on Sunday afternoon.

1Lt. Ken Enciso, the Civil-Military Operations officer of 30th IB, identified their leader as alias Noname, 37, the commanding officer of Sandatahan­g Yunit Pampropaga­nda 16B1 (SYP16B1), Guerilla Front 16 (GF16) North Easthern Mindanao Regional Committee (NEMRC) operating in Surigao City, San Francisco, Taganaan, and Sison, all of Surigao del Norte.

He also brought with him his wife, alias Rose, 21, political instructor of SYP 16B1; alias Archie, 35, political instructor of SYPB2; and alias Michael, 27, assistant team leader, Squad Dos, SYP16B1.

They also surrendere­d two M14 rifles, one M4CiS rifle, one AR15 M16A1 rifle, four M14 magazines, two M16 short magazines, two anti-personnel mines, (111) 5.56mm ammunition, and (64) 7.62mm ammo.

According to the military, the NPA commanding officer is in charge of the tactical offensive and terroristi­c attacks on civilian properties, while a political instructor is tasked with organizing the communitie­s so the rebels will have mass support. The political instructor is also responsibl­e

for recruiting new members.

According to Noname, their organizati­on is falling apart after losing the support of the masses. He also said that he’s already tired of hiding and being away from his family.

He also called on the communitie­s to stop supporting the rebels. “They are just playing all of us for fools,” he said.

Lt. Col. Allen Raymund C. Tomas, commanding officer the 30th IB, said, “This is a big blow to GF16. Losing alias Noname, the CO of SYP16B, would be a demoralizi­ng factor among their ranks.”

In his statement, Col Maurito L. Licudine, commander of the 402nd Infantry Brigade in Caraga, said, “The surrender of a high-ranking commander with other middle-rank leaders is a clear indication that the NPAs in the said area are already disintegra­ting.”

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