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Resto owner apologizes for post


THE PRESIDENT of a restaurant chain has apologized to Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III for a recent post on social media that attributed the price increase of its food products to last year’s temporary inflation spike and insinuated that the government was to blame for it.

Eduardo Firmalo, the president of Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings, said the company fully understand­s that it must be responsibl­e for whatever comes out of its social media channels and assured Dominguez “that we have taken measures to avoid any similar incidents from happening again.”

Firmalo was referring to Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings’ tweet last Jan. 14, which has since been deleted. The tweet was in response to a complaint about the price increase of its products sent to its Twitter account.

Frankie’s has public

ly apologized for the tweet, which wrongly attributed the price increase to the temporary elevated inflation rate last year. It clarified through its Twitter account that the price increase was the result of “many internal and external factors.”

“We would like to express once more that the tweet was unintentio­nal and was not approved by management. Upon seeing the tweet, we immediatel­y asked our Social Media Specialist to remove the post because it did not reflect the views of management,” Firmalo said in his letter to Dominguez dated June 6.

Firmalo also said in his June 6 letter that “we recognize our government’s efforts to provide a better economic environmen­t for the country

and are fully supportive of its programs.”

“Once again, on behalf of our entire organizati­on, we humbly and sincerely apologize for any misconcept­ion that the tweet made,” the letter read.

Firmalo explained in his letter that the tweet was posted by their social media specialist, who had been with the company for only two months

and failed to coordinate with management on how to properly respond to the complaint.

“Disciplina­ry action was meted out to the said employee and he has since been terminated from our employment. We have also sent out an internal memo to all our employees to be more responsibl­e with the use of our brand’s name,” Firmalo said.

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