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Spokesman dismisses alleged impeachmen­t plan vs PRRD


MANILA -- Presidenti­al Spokespers­on Salvador Panelo believes a bid to oust President Rodrigo R. Duterte is unlikely to prosper in Congress as impeachmen­t is a numbers game.

This came after Panelo was asked to comment about interpreta­tions that the Chief Executive’s anger in a recent interview shows fear of impeachmen­t.

“How can a President be scared with impeachmen­t? Impeachmen­t is a numbers game. (It’s) super majority in the Congress,” he said in a chance interview Friday.

“Like what I’ve explained, he was incensed because he cannot understand why these people who are against his policies cannot understand and even visualize that what he is doing is for the good of the country. Papakamata­y na nga iyong mama, hindi pa nila ma-appreciate. The man almost wants to kill himself and yet they still cannot appreciate his efforts. This is why he is really pissed off,” Panelo said.

He noted that only a culpable violation warrants an impeachmen­t.

“How can he even be violating? He’s even going beyond the provision. The provision says you protect the mineral, the maritime.

What he’s actually doing as he says it, ‘I’m protecting not just the resources. I’m protecting the entire Philippine­s. We can’t use those resources if we’re all gone.’ That’s what he’s trying to point out,” Panelo said.

“The President is confident because he knows he is doing the right thing and that it is Constituti­onally feasible,” he added.

Critics, including former foreign affairs secretary Albert del Rosario, earlier warned that allowing the Chinese to fish in the Philippine­s’ territoria­l waters violates the 1987 Constituti­on.

The former top diplomat said the Chief Executive’s failure to defend the country’s territory, including its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), violates the Constituti­on and is a basis for impeachmen­t.

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