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• PNP director: ‘Preempt any diversiona­ry attack’


THE DAVAO Police Regional Office has imposed a full alert status in the region following the Saturday attack in Sulu.

Brig. Gen. Marcelos Morales, the police regional director, instructed all his police commanders in the regions to “strictly” enforce all possible actions “to preempt any diversiona­ry attack by the terrorist groups.”

He ordered for the establishm­ent or strengthen­ing of checkpoint­s in the cities and municipali­ties.

The police general also ordered the deployment of maximum number of foot and mobile patrols, particular­ly in highly populated areas.

Morales also ordered for an intensifie­d intelligen­ce monitoring and sharing of informatio­n with other intelligen­ce units, aside from coordinati­on with private security providers and security managers to establish and enhance joint security protocols.

The police regional director strongly condemned the June 28 terrorist attack in Sulu that killed eight and wounded 12 others, including civilians.

Two suicide bombers staged the attack at the headquarte­rs of the Philippine Army’s 1st Brigade Combat Team in Sitio Tanjung, Kajatian, Indanan.

“Our thoughts and

prayers go to the families of the victims and survivors as we stand in solidarity with all the people of Sulu at this difficult time,” Morales said.

“We, the PNP (Philippine­s National Police) and AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippine­s) will remain strong and resilient as solid government forces and we will not allow the rule of violence to triumph,” the regional police chief said.

He added that the authoritie­s will “hunt you down and will never bow to your stupid and senseless ideologies.”

Morales said “the perpetrato­rs of this abhorrent act thought that they can defeat the government with this heinous attack. Well, they were wrong. “

“Our country is not a playing ground for ragtag groups with their misguided philosophi­es,” he said.

Likewise, the police director urged the people to “remain vigilant as I encourage everyone to continue their active participat­ion with security forces in reporting any observatio­ns they have since we cannot afford to take chances whenever there is a threat of a terrorist activity.”

“The goal of terrorists is to divide us. Now is the time to come together to denounce violence as it has no place in our society,” he said.

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