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Apo Agua keen on 2021 target


THE APO AGUA Infrastruc­tura, Inc. has coordinate­d with other local agencies to prepare for the onset of the pipe-laying works for the P12-billion Davao City Bulk Water Supply Project (DCBWSP).

Cirilo Almario III, Apo Agua general manager, said during last week’s Watershed Stakeholde­rs Summit, the pipe-laying project within the next few months and the coordinati­on with the local government offices is expected to prevent a traffic nightmare as a result of the 65 Km pipe-laying project. “We coordinate­d already with the DPWH XI and the City Engineerin­g Office. We also started discussing with the CTTMO to lessen the hassle of the traffic. Definitely, there will be difference in the area that will be affected but as much as possible, we will try to minimize the problems,”

Almario said.

According to Almario, by the end of August, they will be starting to pipelay from the weir going to the plant site. Meanwhile, from the plant site going to the city, “we are looking at the end of October as the start. Hopefully, within that time frame, we will be really able to start,” he also said.

According to Almario, based on their experience, pipelaying usually brings some problems but they are hoping that they will be able to beat their 2021 target date as the start of operations.

“There will be nine kms of pipe-laying from the raw water site, meaning we will traverse private land properties. This is not much of a problem because we already have a right of way with them.

Theproblem is the 55 kms going down,” he said. Almario also addressed that they will do their best to beat the target date especially with the challenge of city mayor Sara Duterte.

“The earlier for us, the better as well because we can deliver the water faster for their testing,” he said. Almario also said they are in the direction of providing water supply to the second district which has been long suffering from an inadequate water supply in their area.

“We are really going towards providing water to the second district. Once we can layer the pipes going to the said district, and the water treatment plant is already okay plus the raw water intake is already done then we can already open,” Almario said.

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