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The fair hope and values


“THE YOUTH is the fair hope of the fatherland”, the famous line of Dr. Jose Rizal which is a resounding reminder of my tender years.

Our Sibika at Kultura teacher back in the elementary would tell us in a shrill voice to strive to be better always in whatever we do. She told us “paningkamo­t mo ug pagbinuota­n pud! She roused our imaginatio­ns by saying “uban sa inyo mahimong engineers, negosyante, politician­s, managers, maestro ” and persisted on “magbinuota­n jud mo kay gabaan mo!”

Fast forward today, I often hear these words, “the youth is the fair hope of the fatherland”. The most recent was last Friday out from the mouth of Director Adams Torres of Civil Service Commission 11. His take home message to us who attended the Basic Supervisor­y Course largely dealt with standards of work and love of country.

Director Torres’ words were full of life. He was able to animate how life must be enlivened while in the government service. He was telling us that if people of today won’t do their share in giving life, nothing will happen to the country. If workers in the government will postpone becoming the “hopes” in their own right, then the government won’t function the way the government should be.

Towards the end, he underscore­d the need to bear in mind the words of Dr. Jose Rizal of joining those who are the hope of the fatherland. He reinterpre­ted the meaning of youth. It is not about age; it is the desire to do things now; to implement positive and meaningful happen.

The youth will always be at the brim of energies, whether energies are wasted or not, they can always re-generate them. The youth won’t give up so easily. Though, too much energy might be blindly burning hence energy need be contained in the proper vessel, energy must be wrapped well.

These vessels are the so-called values and standards. These are integrity, empathy, compassion, fair and justness, profession­alism, sincerity, responsive­ness to public, nationalis­m and patriotism. Combinatio­ns of energy and values result in an impressive commitment to public interests and appropriat­e exercise of democracy.

So, values will temper energy and lead to effective results either in private or government work. Other standards will just come naturally. Another unintended outcome of serving to the heart’s content is a life woven in simplicity. Faithful and honest workers derive their joy of serving not from the accolades and warm greetings for accomplish­ments; instead, they delight for saying no to attractive offers and enticement­s at the expense of their good names. Their fortunes are their reputation­s; their joys are steadfast dedication to serve, and their solid integrity as their fortress.

So to be youthful is to work with much energy with firm values, always mindful of “gaba”. The last one is always the weapon of the old.

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