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2 bridges attract local tourists


MANILA — Motorists are not the only ones who benefit from the two LED ( light- emitting diode)lighted bridge projects in North Cotabato as the structures also attract local tourists, the Department of Public Works and Highways ( DPWH) reported on Friday.

District Engineer Eliseo Otoc, DPWH North Cotabato Second District Engineerin­g Office, said the Ugalingan Bridge in Carmen town, and Lumayong Bridge in the municipali­ty of Kabakan, glow at night after they incorporat­ed lighting components on the structures.

“These LED lights have added the aesthetic appeal of Ugalingan and Lumayong Bridges, enhancing structures’ beauty and character even at night,” he said in a statement.

“This improvemen­t eventually impressed locals hence the increased number of visitors,” Otoc said.

The LED- lighted bridges conform to DPWH Department Order No. 49,

series of 2018, which directed the inclusion of aesthetics in all bridge plans and designs.

Otoc noted that the bridges were retrofitte­d with the purpose of conforming to seismic design specificat­ions.

“Aside from ensuring the structural integrity of these bridges, we also incorporat­ed lighting components to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrian­s crossing our bridges,” he said.

The enhancemen­t and strengthen­ing works of Ugalingan and Lumayong bridges was completed in December 2018 by DPWH North Cotabato Second District Engineerin­g Office. (PNA)

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