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`Sub-standard’ steel bars found in Mintal: report

THE inspection team from the Davao City Field Office of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) 11 found a retailer in Barangay Mintal last Friday selling steel bars that allegedly were sub-standard.


The team issued Friday the Notice of Violation (NOV) against the retailer after the inspection, said Czar Raul V. Bulaclac of the Consumer Protection Division who explained that the NOV will allow the retailer to present proofs to prevent the agency from imposing penalties.

“We will give them 48 hours to go the office to explain their side, they could bring their documents or any evidence to testify,” said Bulaclac.

He explained that the retailer was among the about 100 retailers in the city, many of them getting their supplies from two local large manufactur­ers.

On the inspection, 10 samples of steel bars were checked using the calibrated weighing scales. “We have different classifica­tion of steel bars, we have six millimeter­s (mm), seven mm, eight mm, 10 mm, 12 mm and 16 mm. All of which have their correspond­ing masses depending on their lengths,” Bulaclac explained.

“It has a maximum and minimum ( mass), if it weighs minimum (compared with) the standard, it will be considered as non-conforming product,” he continued.

The field office conducted the monitoring on steel bars among retailers in the city to ensure the safety of consumers and prevent the release of substandar­d products to the market.

The activity was part of the memorandum order of DTI Undersecre­taries Ruth Castelo of Consumers Protection Group and Zeny Maglaya of Regional Operations Group last July 2 requesting for simultaneo­us monitoring and enforcemen­t activities nationwide on steel bars.

DTI 11 City Director Rachel Remitio said her office has received reports on the proliferat­ion of substandar­d steel bars in the market and that the monitoring activity was necessary to ensure that steel bars sold locally conformed with standards.

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