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Preemptive measures


SEVERAL groups have criticized the law enforcemen­t agencies after the Task Force Davao, the main military unit securing the city, announced the implementa­tion of the “No Jacket” policy.

A national news outlet even claimed in its headline that people entering the city must take off their jackets as the law enforcers are implementi­ng a ban on this kind of clothing.

However, the same outlet explained in the body of the article that the policy was for those wearing jackets to remove the apparel when they arrived at the checkpoint­s and wear them again after the inspection­s. This really was the gist of the policy as explained by Col. Consolito Yecla, head of the military unit.

The law enforcers decided to adopt the policy in response to the explosions in Sulu last month that killed eight people, three of them soldiers.

The implementa­tion of the new policy followed the implementa­tion of the no “backpack policy,” another measure for the same goal.

These policies are establishe­d to help the law enforcemen­t units in preempting any attempt of law breakers to sow terror in the city.

Instead of criticizin­g the law enforcers, it would be better if the residents would just follow the law as a way of helping the uniformed personnel in ensuring security and safety of the city especially during the special events like the upcoming “Kadayawan sa Dabaw.”

It is always better to implement preventive measures that will ensure safety, rather than be complacent and suffer the consequenc­es.

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