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LTO, City interconne­ctivity eyed for city traffic database

- By Julianne A. Suarez

THE LAND Transporta­tion Office (LTO) and the City Government, particular­ly the City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO), are planning to enter into an agreement for the interconne­ctivity of its system for the city’s traffic apprehensi­on database.

The measure aims to ensure effective implementa­tion of the city’s mandated function and efficient revenue collection.

The proposed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) states that the “City needs to interconne­ct its traffic apprehensi­on database and its ‘No Contact Apprehensi­on Program’ and even those apprehende­d under contact apprehensi­on with the LTO’s informatio­n system on motor vehicle and driver’s license database and create an alarm in the LTO’s Motor Vehicle Registrati­on System (MVRS) or Driver’s Licensing System (DLS).”

The LTO, the proposed MOA said, is willing to grant the city the access to its IT system and its database and shall allow the city to design, develop, implement, operate, and maintain such interconne­ction facility with the LTO.

As its obligation, the city shall provide local traffic violations to LTO, assist in improving traffic systems, assist in the implementa­tion of traffic rules and regulation­s, and assist in the drive to combat illegal use of vehicle, including colorum vehicles, car theft, illegal importatio­n, and other unlawful uses.

Meanwhile, the LTO will have to allow the city to make queries into the LTO IT systems including Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) and Law Enforcemen­t and Traffic Adjudicati­on System (LETAS).

The proposed agreement further provides that the informatio­n to be made available will only be limited to plate number, name of vehicle owner, address of registered vehicle owner, make and type, year or model, classifica­tion, name of driver’s license (DL) holder, address of DL holder, date of birth, license number, type of registrati­on, and unsettled violations.

The city will be allowed to upload informatio­n to the LTO’s IT system recorded offenses, violations, or its settlement to create an alarm for the committed violations or otherwise lift settled otherwise.

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