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Of LTFRBs, LTOs, and Accidents


THIS is for Atty Delgra taga Davao, and for former Gen Edgar Galvante, naassign pud sa Davao region.

Delgra is head of LTFRB and Galvante head of LTO. So probably, their people in Davao will heed to the cry of this columnist.

First, the facts. Accidents on the road happened. But there are accidents na human error. Nakatulog. There could also be so many reasons ngano nakatulog. Overworked and underpaid. Malnourish­ed drivers forced to drive so they can feed their family.

But there are accidents that could have been prevented, Atty Delgra and Gen Galvante. One such concern is the brake system of a second or third- hand vehicles. Most often, the drivers cry brakes. Nawalan ako ng brake. I lost my break. So gibangga ko na lang. Gidaro ko na lang.

So easy for these drivers to do those excuses. At the expense of whom? In Davao, in Pangi how many lives were lost kay gidaro na lang mga sakyanan. Lost control, sir. Way brake. So easy for these drivers to say those things. But 8 or 10 or 12 died.

In Boljoon, south of Cebu before reaching Santander, a dumptruck nawadan ug brake and 8 students died because of that.

Investigat­e, Atty Delgra and Gen Galvante. Ask your men and women to investigat­e and chances are, nawalan ng brake and worse, secone-hand or third-hand yang mga trucks na yan.

Other fatal accidents happened in the past involving old dilapidate­d vehicles. So many lives lost because we are not conscious with SAFETY AND COMFORT, the primordial concern with our transport system.

LTO registers vehicles. LTFRB regulates. Am I right? These agencies take care of our vehicles. You register and regulate these vehicles, but why?

Suggest lang sirs register natin vehicles 10 years below, not 11 above. For sure we minimize accidents caused by brake failure. And we save lives. Who was it who said the life you save maybe your own.

Most of those heavy duty vehicles, dumptrucks included, have been bought in the ukay ukay talyer where 2nd or 3rd hand are abundant. Why are we making our country a huge garbage area for these ukay ukay cars?

For SAFETY AND COMFORT sirs, eradicate these old vehicles, some call them coffins on the road, from the streets. Only vehicles 10 years below are allowed. For so many great reasons sirs. And i know you know this. You are so aware of this.

I write to register my little voice. So probably you will listen and do something ASAP. Sad to hear people in droves dead because of a brake system failure. If we can’t do something anymore, then I surrender. But I know we can do something sirs, so pls let us do it.

Don’t want to think that LTO and LTFRB are the reason why the dreams and hopes of those who died vanished because of negligence and apathy.

Di ko mutoo ana. I believe in your competence, your empathy, your dedication. Hard to waste the gifts of our person and our position.

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