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SURVEY: Most Davaoeños do not favor closing investment schemes


MAJORITY of Davaoeños disagreed with President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to close various investment schemes in Mindanao last June, a City Wide Social Survey (CWSS) conducted by Ateneo de Davao University research council presented yesterday.

From the CWSS report, there are about 38.3% of Davaoenos who disagreed with Duterte’s order out of the 92.9% surveyed individual­s who were aware of the investment schemes. Only 22.4% are in favor of the closure.

The survey was conducted last June 21 to 23 and 28 to 30, just days after Duterte directed the authoritie­s to close down the investment firms that allegedly operated illegally and are proliferat­ing in the region.

Prior to Duterte’s order, there were 14 investment companies involved in easy-money operations

that were shut down while 39 underwent investigat­ion.

Neverthele­ss, majority of individual­s were still satisfied with their participat­ion in this Ponzi-like investment schemes. The study shows that among those who participat­ed in the investment schemes, 33.6% were very satisfied while 21.5% were dissatisfi­ed.

Meanwhile, 39% of Davaoenos agreed with Mayor Sara Duterte’s decision of not allowing the investment schemes to operate in the city. Amid proliferat­ion of the alleged investment scams in previous months, Sara warned the public to be cautious. She also made it clear that she would only allow the operation of these firms inside the city once they secured permits and other documents that prove the legality of their business.

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