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Agency to change policy on learning materials


MANILA -- The Department of Education is in the process of changing its policy on the buffer stock of learning materials in its central office warehouses.

This, after the Commission on Audit reported that the DepEd was able to deliver only 11.8 million out of the 38.5 million textbooks and instructio­nal and learning materials, which were supposed to be distribute­d to public school students and teachers.

“This small portion is allotted in times of calamities, as replacemen­t of old or worn-out books, and for newly establishe­d schools and increased enrolment, among others,” the DepEd said in a statement.

The DepEd said buffer stock pertains to 7 percent of the completed developmen­t, printing, and delivery of learning materials for the projected enrolment of the school year.

It said a “large chunk” of the procured textbooks are delivered to their warehouses while part of it is to be delivered directly to the school districts.

Following COA’s recommenda­tion, the DepEd said it would now maintain only 0.05 percent, not 2 percent, of the 7-percent buffer stock of learning materials in their warehouses.

It would also distribute the remaining 6.95 percent learning materials to all public schools.

On the correction of the errors in textbooks, the DepEd reported that the Bureau of Learning Resources has conducted three workshops involving academicia­ns and DepEd validators to check comments and recommenda­tions on learning resources and textbooks for Kindergart­en to Grade 10 from certain regions.

“Validated findings, descriptio­n of errors found, and recommenda­tions on how to correct these will comprise the “notes of teachers” that the Department shall issue through a memorandum to the regions,” it said.

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