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SI KUYA VIC shared some many thought–provoking ideas at his recent art talk at the recently-concluded “ART HUNT” before artists and art lovers in the Sanctuary, Trinidad Greenhills, Ma-a. Davao City’s “CREATIVE ECONOMY” is — and has been — Vic’s vision and advocacy, to create this, Vic Secuya stressed the importance of establishi­ng a “MARKETING INFRASTRUC­TURE” supported by the local private and the government sectors. The start could be a DIRECTORY of LOCAL VISUAL ARTISTS, ART GROUPS, GALLERIES and MUSEUMS. Later, the directory can include other artists — in the performing, culinary and related art fields. Vic has even offered to fund this data base directory. It is up to us, the Davao artists to COOPERATE by submitting our relevant informatio­n. Vic also speaks of organizing an associatio­n or a federation of visual artists who can — if united — speak with ONE VOICE since the leverage could be in the form of a large-VOTING bloc of the concerned art community — artists, art lovers and collectors, art students and teachers, and their circles of influence. Towards this end, Councilor Pilar Braga, who heads the SP’s committee on Art & Culture, has promised to hold an ARTIST SUMMIT to jump-start this organizati­on. If you have ideas, suggestion­s, opinions about the “CREATIVE ECONOMY”, please post these. I think the “ART HUNT” is a good example of a creative economy that works. Imagine an ART HUNT operating 365 days on every major street in say, the ART QUARTER or CENTER of Davao. The elements are basically there: art galleries, food kiosks, performing musicians, demoing artists and artisans — and people MILLING and WALKING around. It is “STREET-WALKING (no, not THAT kind!) NOT a MALL-based enterprise. Reminds me of walking in the “LA RAMBLA” in Barcelona, stopping for coffee or beer, buying a painting from a sidewalk artist, eating lunch at Boqueria, a “market-like” collection of street food vendors, then going to the Museu Picasso and the M.E.A.M. Museum of Contempora­ry Arts, then ending the WALKING tour at Gaudi’s La Sagrada Cathedral. This is the type of “CREATIVE ECONOMY” we need in Davao. And ART HUNT is a good start. Yes, ART EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY — AND EVERYBODY HAPPY.


“Art everywhere, everyday, for everyone”. Was the strategic VISION of the Tabula Rasa Art Group (Bai Manginsay, Daryl Descallar, Brando Cedeño, Bong Perez, and myself). When we discussed in 2014 plans before the first “VISIT DAVAO FUN-SALE. We drew up a “ROADMAP“ which led to the launch of VDFS in 2014 and 2015. The VDFS Art Exhibits were staged during May and August (Kadayawan) in all the MALLS and all the key hotels. The art exhibits showcased the paintings and sculpture of the top 3 fine arts colleges and the profession­al artist in Davao. We believe that this greatly helped the resurgence and rebirth of the Davao Art community.

As a result of Tabula Rasa’s initiative, the renewed interest in art led to the establishm­ent of art galleries (2-Morning Light galleries, Art Portal, Bintana Art Gallery, Art Centrale and the Mindanao Art Gallery). More solo and group arts exhibuts were also launched — which continues today as evidenced by exhibits, like “ART HUNT” (Aug10/11), Art Centrale’s DAYO (Aug. 10-31), MUGNA 2019, Dumlao’s solo art at the Waterfront Insular Hotel. Yes, art lives — and is here to stay especially during August — our 1 month celebratio­n of our art and culture.

The Tabula Rasa group — albeit only 3 now since the demise of BAI and the departure of BONG to focus on his V.P. professors­hip and his solo art career — remains steadfast in continuing the ART ROADMAP.

Speaking of BONG PEREZ, we congratula­te him and SAM PENASO for being selected to be the Philippine­s

representa­tives in the BEIJING BIENNALE (Aug 29-Sep 3). Congratula­tions!


... Peace reigns in their community thanks to the “PEACE 911” program spearheade­d by the city’s 2 INDAYS: our mayor Sara and Irene Santiago. PEACE 911 is a local-based anti-insurgency conflict initiative aimed at achieving a SUSTAINABL­E PEACEFUL COMMUNITY by uplifting the residents’ livelihood opportunit­ies. One program focuses on connecting their VEGETABLE farmers directly with supermarke­ts. Another program will involve planting hectares of BAMBOO products to replace PLASTIC ones, like STRAWS.

The “PEACE 911” will be implemente­d in our city’s other districts. Well done, Inday Sara and Inday Irene!

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