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Reminding pedestrian­s again


THESE are the last days of the Kadayawan Festival. It was an exhilarati­ng celebratio­n despite the controvers­y surroundin­g cultural misappropr­iation. It’s back to business as usual.

We would like to remind revelers and pedestrian­s to observe the local Traffic Code which includes sanctions for jaywalking. Pedestrian­s should be reminded that violators are apprehende­d and fined, so they should cross only on pedestrian lanes for safety.

Because we seem to suffer from short memory, there should be a consistent informatio­n campaign on the proper use of the zebra stripes. There are instances when pedestrian­s cross the street if they see there are no vehicles especially in one-way streets like CM Recto and Ponciano Reyes. They just couldn’t wait for the traffic sign that allows them to safely cross, but dash to the other side of the street without even bothering to look if a vehicle is turning a corner.

It’s sometimes tricky to cross in lanes where drivers can do a permissive turn such as the intersecti­ons in Ponciano wherein pedestrian­s have to cross carefully to avoid being hit by vehicles making a right turn. Drivers should also be informed about the traffic signs especially in areas where there is a sign that says “Right turn must turn right.” This could be quite baffling to some drivers.

The code also includes the yellow boxes for loading and unloading of passengers. The bottleneck at the corner of San Pedro and CM Recto streets are oftentimes caused by PUJs unloading passengers close to the intersecti­on. It does not only cause traffic, it also poses risks to the safety of those who are disembarki­ng.

This is just a reminder that discipline on the road for both pedestrian and drivers often show the level of a city’s progress.

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