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Netizens urged: Share cops’ good and bad deeds


MANILA - Maj. Gen. Guillermo, National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) chief, urged millennial­s (those born in the 1980s or 1990s) to share good stories as well as the bad deeds of policemen through social media to boost the ongoing efforts to cleanse and regain

the integrity of the police force. “The NCRPO has a lot of good stories to tell to the public. We also want the public to let them be known in order to inspire our men, to boost their morale and to emphasize our point that there are only few bad eggs in our organizati­on,” Eleazar said in an interview with media on Saturday. Eleazar said the policemen who tarnish the name of the Philippine National Police (PNP) are the “subject of our disciplina­ry actions and purging”. “And we want to solicit the help of the millennial­s, the netizens and the public on this,” he added. He said the NCRPO, which was recently awarded the best regional police office, has been using social media to monitor the good and bad behavior of the Metro Manila cops. “Your NCRPO is now social media active. In fact, we were able to monitor, identify and punish or reward our policemen through the photos and videos posted and shared in various social media platforms,” he said. Eleazar also said while the NCRPO is quick in punishing abusive policemen, it is also expedient in rewarding those who deserve praises. The NCRPO chief stressed the importance of cooperatio­n and participat­ion of netizens, particular­ly the millennial­s, in improving the policing in Metro Manila. “These are all about the future of their security and the future of peace and order in Metro Manila. They could do a lot in transformi­ng the police organizati­on into a profession­al police force, a police force with true sense of courage, public service and integrity,” said Eleazar. “Our goal is for every policeman to have a real sense of the meaning of integrity, that is, doing what is good and right even if no one is looking,” he stressed. Eleazar said this is the rationale behind the recently-launched Intensifie­d Cleanlines­s Program (ICP) of the NCRPO which he describes as a blueprint of peace and order policy for Metro Manila. He said the ICP has three basic tenets: cleanlines­s in police offices and their surroundin­gs, cleanlines­s within the police ranks, and cleanlines­s of Metro Manila from crime and illegal drugs. (PNA)

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