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Label is never key


The online community has been abuzz with the discussion­s on the case of the transgende­r woman who figured in a controvers­y over a comfort room. The discussion­s even reached the Senate, prompting conspiracy theorists to even come up with ridiculous claims and memes. But the real point is that, should the issue be tackled or was it blown out of outrageous proportion­s, both by those advocating for rights of the usually-bullied groups or those who usually bully them? The bottomline, however, is that, from here where should the discussion­s go? The problem is that most often, people discuss issues at higher decibels without realizing that those who intend to listen get irritated by the high volume of the noise. Add to this is the fact that in issues similar to this, politician­s cannot stop themselves from dipping their fingers on these just to gain a media mileage and become relevant to the voters. Of course, the primary issue here is individual­ity, whether one breaches it or one protects it. So, to solve the issue and not prolong the pain of discussing it, let establishm­ents put up comfort rooms – and numbers must be more than two- that do not distinguis­h both the sexuality or the sexual orientatio­n of the user. Business establishm­ents, which use their own money, may complain about this suggestion, but how valuable a few coins would be when it could solve, as well as stop, a problem?

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