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Plastic issue


BANNING single-use plastic is trending locally and nationally. But let’s not forget that PLASTIC — single or multi-use — does NOT “drop from the heavens” by itself! It is THROWN AWAY by US to clog canals and esteros and eventually the surroundin­g seas.

Therefore, we must have our government strictly ENFORCE our existing laws on littering and punishing litterers with heavy fines, community service time, and even JAIL time.

We need to find ALTERNATIV­ES to plastic products: bamboo straws, forks, spoons, knives, bamboo flooring in-place of linoleum; ALMACIGA - reinforced shopping bags.

We need to RECYCLE or REPURPOSE plastic: USED plastic made into chairs, desks, tables; boats; building materials.

Plastic is here to stay. We just need to INTELLIGEN­TLY deal with it.


“WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE — AND NOT A DROP TO DRINK” Life is here and water is life so if we waste it we waste life.

Our life.

We’re very fortunate that our drinking water — from the tap (galing sa gripo) — is world-class. For this water comes from undergroun­d aquifers, naturally filtered and protected by forest watersheds.

Drinking water is NOT limitless — or as Miriam D.S. once wrote only “STUPID is forever.” Yet DCWD allows this drinking water for constructi­on companies to MIX cement with, malls to use it for WATERING plants, laundromat­s & car washers to use it to wash clothes and cars.



The Kadayawan organizers can AVOID issues (like the LOGO graphics and the BAHAG @ indak-indak) if they just CONSULT with councilor Pilar Braga’s ART&CULTURE COUNCIL. That is what this council is for.

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