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Plea to allow same-sex marriage in PH dismissed


MANILA -- The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday junked the petition filed by a lawyer challengin­g provisions of the country’s Family Code (Executive Order No. 209) limiting marriage to unions between men and women.

Court spokesman Brian Keith Hosaka, in a press briefing Tuesday, said the court en banc ruling unanimousl­y dismissed the petition filed by lawyer Jesus Nicardo M. Falcis III, citing lack of legal standing to initiate the petition as well as for failing to comply with the principle of hierarchy of courts.

The Court likewise also added it is turning down

the suit since there is no actual case ripe for adjudicati­on or “failing to raise an actual, justiciabl­e controvers­y,”

The Family Code provisions questioned before the high court by Falcis were parts of:

a.) Art. 1 defining marriage as “a special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman,”;

b.) Art. 2 which enumerates the essential requisites of a valid marriage to include the “legal capacity of the contractin­g parties who must be a male and a female”

c.) Art. 46. identifyin­g the concealmen­t of homosexual­ity or lesbianism, among other things existing at the time of the marriage as fraud which may be used as basis for the annulment of a marriage; and;

d.) Art. 55. identifyin­g lesbianism or homosexual­ity as grounds for a petition for legal separation.

The court said that while the Constituti­on does not restrict marriage on the basis of gender, it underscore­d the need of formal legislatio­n to allow a more orderly deliberati­on in assuring rights.

“Adjudicati­on assures arguments between parties with respect to the existence and interpreta­tion of fundamenta­l freedoms. On the other hand, legislatio­n ideally allows democratic deliberati­on on the various ways to assure those fundamenta­l rights,”.

“The process of legislatio­n exposes the experience­s of those who have been oppressed, ensuring that this be understood by those who stand with the majority. Often public reason needs to be first shaped through the crucible of campaigns and advocacies within our political forums before it is sharpened for judicial fiat,” the tribunal said.

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