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Airline planning to expand Davao-Manado route: exec


THE AIRLINE that will service the flight between the city and Manado in Indonesia has looked at expanding the route to include another destinatio­n, an official of the Mindanao Developmen­t Authority (MinDA) said Wednesday.

At the Wednesdays @ Habi at Kape – Abreeza, Eamarie M. Gilayo, in charge of Internatio­nal Relations Divisions-Transport Connectivi­ty and Trade Facilitati­on at MinDA, said that the Jakarta-based Garuda Airlines is considerin­g to expand its flight to include tourist destinatio­n Bali.

“We are looking at the triangular tourism perspectiv­e,” she explained, pointing out that travelers among the destinatio­ns will have easier access to all of them and other nearby tourism areas. In the case of the city, Indonesian tourists can also visit other tourist destinatio­ns in Mindanao, she explained.

Gilayo added the shipping linkage between Bitung, Indonesia and the city and the nearby General Santos City will also complement the air linkage. “Entreprene­urs would need a faster service (compared with the shipping system which will bring their cargoes between the destinatio­ns,” she explained.

In resuming the sea route, a shipping company has decided to use smaller vessels as Gilayo pointed out that Indonesian companies that are into manufactur­ing of constructi­on materials have decided to tap the route so they could sell their products in Mindanao.

Recently, members of the business sector of the destinatio­ns decided to discuss the possibilit­y of how they can help sustain both the sea and the air linkages.

The last air route was being serviced in 2012 by Wings Air, another Indonesian airline company, but the service was eventually shut down because of the lack of traffic.

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