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THEY are back. The memes of September are, once again, here. While the millennial­s have gone back to reviving that banner song “Wake me up when September ends”, there’s old-man Christmas himself, Jose Mari Chan, hitting weekend TV with a reminder about what is truly in our hearts.

It’s already getting quite annoying really, and for this old dog suddenly wakened from sleep by Joe and company, all I have got left is a bone-of-a-sinking-feeling that the Matrix really exists and our lives are doomed to an endless time loop. Even if that were the case, can we then also say that whenever September comes around, we have come full circle?

Every year, heralding the advent of “ber” months have become as predictabl­e like TGIF, and as stale as rehashed old jokes, one would always wish and pray that they came up with something better next time.

I truly get it, it’s just people having fun, so that grouchies should just shut it and let them have their way. (Remember what they say about August being an “oh ghost” month? Same thing, it’s just having fun.) However, has anyone even considered that it could also be as irritating as loud karaoke music blaring in the neighbor’s house? Just please turn down the volume of your player then.

If one were even really capable of sleeping through a whole month, what was one going to wake up to? For those who don’t see their glasses as half-full, the month of September will always bring out that slow burn to hypertensi­on because it roughly means we’ve less than three months to get ready for Joe Mari’s favorite brand of holiday. That is a lot of cents right there folks, and while a celebrator­y spirit is never a bad thing, not every one can afford a party. Truth.

So? Let this sleeping dog lie for as long as it takes, and stop reminding me how much colder it had suddenly become. That particular brrr always gets to my grrr.

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