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Policy forum to tackle impact of globalizat­ion


THE UPCOMING policy forum in Mindanao will focus on the impact of globalizat­ion to the island, an official of the Mindanao Developmen­t Authority (MinDA) said.

“This year’s forum will be focusing on the potential effects of the new globalizat­ion in terms of the environmen­tal integrity, preservati­on of the different cultural designs and on social coalitions”, Sheila Mae Almasa, MinDA-Policy Formulatio­n Division developmen­t management officer said.

The fifth edition of the Policy Research Forum will be held on September 10 at the Mindanao State University-General Santos City and is part of the commemorat­ion of the Developmen­t Policy Research Month.

Almasa added: “We are hoping to invite decisionma­kers, policy-makers, academe, researcher­s, private sectors, business sectors and other sectoral representa­tion to take part and listen to the different studies that we will be presenting.”

She said the forum hopes to generate enough attention to researcher­s and policy makers to come up with fact-based policies that will address the increasing hazards of climate change and the preservati­on of cultural heritage.

She added that one area of discussion will be on the impact of technology as well as how it can be harnessed as tool for developmen­t and mitigate disasters.

The commemorat­ion of the DPRM, a one-day event, is embodied in the Presidenti­al Proclamati­on No. 247, issued in 2002, stresses the importance of policy research as it mandates the the Philippine Institute for Developmen­t Studies as the lead agency.

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