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Comelec goes to Lumad areas for voters’ registrati­on


STARTING today, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) will hold a week-long IP Registrati­on Week where its teams nationwide will go to communitie­s of Indigenous Peoples (IPs) to urge them to register as voters.

Comelec Commission­er Luie Tito Guia said the IP Registrati­on Week is “in furtheranc­e of Comelec objective to ensure that the right of suffrage of the IPs is not hindered by issues on accessibil­ity and in anticipati­on of the upcoming National IP Month in October.”

Guia told MindaNews that the Comelec “will go to identified communitie­s

or in places near their communitie­s, so that IPs will not have to go to the poblacion office of Comelec to apply for registrati­on as voters.“

He said most Comelec offices in the municipali­ties have been doing satellite registrati­on since August and the IP communitie­s were among those reached.

Guia was in South Cptabato, Sarangani and Maguindana­o last week to observe satellite registrati­on in the IP communitie­s – the T’boli, B’laan and Teduray in these areas.

He said the IP Registrati­on Week is “intended to highlight Comelec’s existing IP empowermen­t efforts, by making sure that at least within that week, all provinces with IP population will conduct registrati­on at least in one IP community.”

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