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DavNor town to intensify programs for youth


THE MUNICIPAL government of Santo Tomas, Davao del Norte has vowed to intensify the social developmen­t programs for the youth amid various reproducti­ve health issues besetting the young people of this municipali­ty.

“I am taking the social developmen­t programs for the youth seriously under my term. In fact, it is one of my priority programs under the social services that should be implemente­d the soonest possible time,” Mayor Ernesto Evangelist­a said in an interview Sunday.

Evangelist­a said he would address the reproducti­ve health issues among the youth, establish and strengthen the community-based teen center, and continue implementi­ng sports developmen­t programs.

He said the municipal government will also undertake a program calling for the strengthen­ing of the Local Council for the Protection of Children (LCPC) and the Comprehens­ive Local Juvenile Interventi­on Program.

The mayor also urged Sanggunian­g Kabataan (SK) officials to take their mandate seriously as representa­tives of the youth.

Evangelist­a said he will take a look into the SK annual investment plan to determine if their programs are anchored on the municipal government’s social developmen­t program focusing on health and wellness.

During the meeting of LCPC on Friday, Dr. June Lim, the municipal health officer (MHO), presented

various cases that MHO had served for a period of 2017 to 2019.

Lim said teenage pregnancy, depression, human immunodefi­ciency virus, sexually transmitte­d diseases, violence, physical abuse, substance abuse and alcohol use were among the common problems besetting the youth sector in Santo Tomas town.

Of these cases, teen pregnancy topped with the number of clients served stood at 351 with age ranging from 15 to 19 years old.

The outcome of teenage pregnancy stood at 2,311 last year, slightly lower compared to previous year’s 2,367.

For 2019, MHO only recorded 15 cases of teenage pregnancy, with age ranging from 15 to 17 years old.

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