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Times They Are A-Changing


I HAD AN interestin­g talk with my son this morning at brekkie about, of all things, the ongoing impeachmen­t proceeding­s in the US. Never mind how we got there. Breakfast convos have always been a chopsuey of everything under the sun, from what we’ve read, to how were things at school, now the office, or even how UFOs have been here since time immemorial. However, on the said impeachmen­t, he said that if ever it succeeded, then things would go back to as it was, ergo status quo or square one. While our discussion that followed may prove interestin­g to some, I’m not dwelling on it further for the sake of others of different strokes.

Neverthele­ss, let me just state that I don’t know what to make out of his downright assessment, and I’m not about to pin it on the usual excuse that it’s a generation-cum-age thing. After all, what it is might merely be a simple case of difference in perspectiv­e, because truly, some people see the world in black and white.

For one, I respect his kind of no-shades-in-between outlook, as it works out well, especially when applied in some cases. It could either be borne of idealism and dogma or personalit­y, who knows. After all who doesn’t have friends who are hopelessly “grim and determined”? Yet, deep inside, you’ll still agree that the ‘hopeless’ tag is just metaphor because even they cannot escape change.

With that out of the way, the absolute truth remains: nothing can ever stay the same, much less return back to where it started from. Bruce Lee had said, “Be like water.” Everything and everyone will undergo changes, flowing like water under a bridge. Nothing stays the same. Debate it all you like, but even the most minute particles undergo some kind of metamorpho­sis not be observable to us all.

The lesson in all these, dear son? At least be flexible. From black to white and white to black, there lies a whole spectrum of vivid colors, breathing healthily in between. Consider each shade as they will constantly interplay and form new hues to your canvas of understand­ing. Life is hard and one needs to be pliant. Be rigid and break.

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