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Kurds killed, robbed by proxies of Turkey


SYRIAN Kurdish mother Shara Sido says the news came to her via a messaging applicatio­n. She received an image of a bullet-riddled corpse with the instructio­n: “Come collect your son.”

Sitting inside a modest house in the de-facto Syrian Kurdish capital of Qamishli, the displaced 65-year-old scrolls through her phone to find a picture.

“This is the monster,” she alleged, showing AFP a photograph of the Syrian fighter she said confessed to shooting dead her 38-year-old son.

“They killed my son in cold blood,” she said, blaming Turkey-backed Syrian fighters.

Turkish troops and their Syrian proxies have overrun a swathe of northern Syria since October, after a deadly military campaign against Kurdish forces that caused tens of thousands to flee their homes.

Rights groups and displaced Kurdish families have accused Ankaraback­ed Syrian rebels of executions, home confiscati­ons and looting in that border strip -- charges that Turkeyback­ed fighters deny.

Sido used to live in the border town of Ras alAin, before Turkey and its rebel proxies on October 9 launched an offensive against Kurdish forces they view as “terrorists”.

As soon as the invasion started, the mother of five and her family fled to Qamishli, carrying nothing but a few basic items.

Her son, Rezan, returned to Ras al-Ain one week later to collect personal documents and clothes for his three children, but rebels barred him from entering, she said.

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